Guest Houses

Throughout the Lake District in Northern England there are plenty of guest houses scattered across the park boundaries that are perfect for a relaxed family holiday, hiking holidays, or resting points for large scale climbs and hikes.

The largest towns in the Lake District National Park are Bowness and Windermere in Cumbria making both locations popular areas for tourists looking for accommodation and guest houses.  Within these areas, Bowness Bay, Carlisle, and Ambleside are very popular guest house locations.

Available guest houses range in amenities and type depending on what you are looking for when you plan your holiday or next hiking trip.  For families, there are many themed hotels and quaint village guest houses as well as self catering guest houses that can be booked.  Those that are setting out on a romantic lover’s getaway may prefer to book a room at one of the many bed and breakfast guest houses or at a lodge.

Guest houses also range from luxury to simple cottage hotels which make accommodation throughout the Lake District national park available for all budgets.  Many houses are historical making a stay at one of them notable in itself, while other cozy inns offer the perfect quaint family orientated atmosphere to compliment the tourist attractions and site seeing expeditions.

Most tourists choose to stay in guest houses that are located near town centers or lakeshores, however for avid climbers and hikers there are plenty of remote and secluded guest houses that are situated near peaks or trailheads so that getting out on the trails is an easy feat every morning.

Due to the fact that summer is the peak tourist season in the Lake District National Park it is best to secure accommodations during the spring at the latest for the best prices and available selection.

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