Climbing In The Lake District 

The Lake District is a popular region in North West of England that is very popular for climbing enthusiasts due to the fact that it stretches across 55km of land and features 25 notably high peaks that are perfect for climbers.  Most of these peaks were the result of glaciations periods, which carved out the peaks and leaving behind the deep lakes and valleys which the park is named after.

The Lake District is the home of climbing due to the fact that the peaks present a variety of climbing levels for all levels of climbing ability, ranging from very difficult climbs to the extreme climbs so that every rock climber can enjoy the experience.  With good reason given the fact that rock climbing has been popular at the Lake District for the last 120 years.

One of the most popular climbs within the Lake District is a secluded valley called the Wasdale, which features the Pillar Rock summit that offers a spectacular view of the park that can only be accessed via the summit.  Also in this area is the largest climbing crag in England, the Scafell Crag, and the Scafell Pike.

The most well known climb in the Lake District and the most photographed is the Napes Needle although it ironically only stands at 65 ft although it does offer dramatic scenic views of the park.

Those who are interested in climbing at the Lake District may want to join or stop by a meeting of the Fell Rock Climbing Club which has been in existence since the First World War ended.

Also great places to start are the areas of Coniston, Ambleside, Keswick, Grasmere, and Windermere which are not only the most popular regions of the park, but also great places to find retail shops that can offer advice and sell clothing, equipment, and route books to help you get started.