The Lake District National Park found in the north of England has plenty of walks for every walking ability level, from small ambles that circle lakes, to walks that line high ridges and include a bit of scrambling such as taking on a few easy rock climbs without a rope.

Those that are new to walking or hesitant to venture out in the Lake District on their own may want to find a park volunteer who will help you learn your way around the area via a guided walk that is usually free.  Volunteer guides are usually available to help with picnic brief strolls and for a little bit of money you even hire a guide for full days of walking treks.

There are also many trails for those that are wheelchair bound so that they can enjoy the views without waiting behind the rest of their group.  Walks that are paved and semi-flight are labelled ‘Miles without Stiles’ and are found throughout the county.

The Government visitor centre on the Windermere shores is a great place to start out a walking trail if you are new to the Lake District, with trailheads that are just a short mile and some that extend out across much larger distances.

In the interests of sustainability, the Lake District caretakers ask that you avoid taking shortcuts across the paths or walking on their sides because paths off the paved paths can collapse allowing water to stream though widening paths and ruining the local areas.

Before embarking on a walking path at the Lake District it is advised to carefully take note of what you are wearing.  Comfortable clothes are always best with a waterproof jacket and hats and gloves in colder seasons.  Remember that if you stop to rest during your trek you will need more layers than while walking to stay warm, so multiple layers are recommended.

You should also ensure that you bring a daysack along with you that has food, water, and emergency high energy food in case you become stranded on a trail.  Also in your sack should be a map, compass, whistle, first aid kit, and torch.

In general you should expect to walk 4km each hour, and an additional hour for every 500m that you ascend along the path.  Also take note to add time for rest and food as you see fit.  Always choose a walking path that all members of your group will be comfortable walking as well and an alternative route if weather conditions worsen while you are out in the Lake District.

One of the most popular paths in the Lake District area include the Catbells and Newland Walk, which covers a distance of 13km and starts from the Document Library. Generally this path takes five to seven hours to complete and features a strenuous grade.

Another shorter trek is the Friars Crag and Castlehead Walk which also begins at the Document Library but is an easy grade and takes on average about two hours to cover 5km making it perfect for beginner walkers.

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